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4 Tips To Pass The Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam

Pharmacies can be busy places and with customers lined up to get their prescription filled, the pharmacists often need an assistant. A pharmacy technician’s role is to assist the pharmacists with the day-to-day responsibilities of running a pharmacy. The pharmacy technician can count out pills and capsules to fill the patient’s prescriptions, they can take orders for the prescriptions, set appointments, label the medications and prescriptions, keep files on the patients and more. However, a pharmacy technician cannot dispense medical advice to a patient only a licensed pharmacist can legally do that.

Tip 1 – While it is possible to get a job as a pharmacy technician with no prior training, typically pharmacists prefer to hire someone with some education that relates to the job. In order to have the highest potential for the best jobs as a pharmacy technician you can apply to take the pharmacy technician certification test. If you pass the exam you will be a certified pharmacy technician and this will offer you better opportunities and a higher pay scale. The pharmacy technician certification exam is currently offered by the pharmacy technician certification board. You can register to take the test anytime, however, it is wise to have some background knowledge before you commit to taking the test.

Tip 2 – You will need to get a good idea of what will be covered on the test. You can usually find this information out by checking out the websites for the pharmacy technician certification board.

Tip 3 – After that you will need to study for the test so that you will be able to pass it. Try to avoid putting off studying until the last minute and trying to cram the night before as that probably will not serve you. It is usually best to study over a period of time so that you can retain the knowledge and access it when you take the test.

Tip 4 – You may want to study with a group. If you have taken any classes for pharmacy technicians or if you happen to be in an online group, you should be able to find some people who also need to take the test with whom you can create a study group. It may also be helpful to get some actual real-life experience in a pharmacy so if you can get a part-time job it could be very helpful.

The test is not extremely difficult but as with all tests it is smart to study and know the material before you take the test. There are fees to take the test so if you fail, although you can take the test again, it will end up costing you more money. Better to just study and prepare so that you can pass the test on the first try.

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