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An Inside View Of The Job Of A Pharmacist

Becoming a pharmacist is a great career opportunity. Pharmacists are an important link in our health care system. They are responsible for dispensing prescription drugs and treatments along with educating the customers on important facts about their prescriptions including drug interactions and possible side effects. Pharmacists can also work as chemists in compounding pharmacies, where they actually mix up new and specialized drug combinations that are individualized for the patient.

While it may seem at times that the pharmacists main job is to count little pills to put into bottles, that is much too simplified. A pharmacist must have detailed and extensive knowledge of ailments, drugs and treatments. They must also have detailed knowledge of drug interactions including natural treatments such as herbs and botanical treatments.

Pharmacist Job Description

The pharmacist has the responsibility of making sure that the prescriptions are filled exactly to the doctor’s specifications and in a safe manner. Many pharmacists are more versed in drug interactions and possible complications than the doctors they work with. Therefore, doctors and pharmacists work very closely to ensure the best treatments for their patients. Pharmacists must also keep detailed medical records on patients and they must check the patients history in order to avoid possible complications.

Pharmacists can also manage or own their own pharmacies. If their pharmacy is a compounding pharmacy they must also have extensive knowledge of chemistry, biology and more. In managing or owning a pharmacy other responsibilities will also arise such as the hiring and supervising of employees, product procurement and other aspects of running a business.

Pharmacists are also trained in drug therapies. Within these therapies are specialized medicines including treatments in oncology, intravenous nutritional support and much more. There is also a need for pharmacists in the continuously growing field of clinical trials. There will always be new drugs and new treatments that need to be tested.

Pharmacists are responsible for many things that may not be clearly evident. Therefore the education of a pharmacist is crucial. Traditionally, pharmacists have worked in drug stores and pharmacies within the community. They are also employed at local hospitals, clinics and hospices. There are also pharmacists needed at the wholesale level and at the big pharmaceutical companies that are in the business of developing new drugs and treatments.

Average Pharmacist Salary And Work Week

Pharmacists typically work a regular 40-hour week with a couple of days off, of course. Many pharmacies are open on Saturdays and some are even open on Sundays though so a pharmacist may need to work on the weekends. If the pharmacist is in a managerial position or an ownership position, the hours would expand as needed. Many self-employed pharmacists put in many more than 40 each week.

The salaries and pay grade for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians vary around the country with geographical locations and levels of education and experience. The median expected salary for a typical Pharmacist in the United States is $56,406 to $126,191. However, being a pharmacist is a growing and expanding occupation and the job and wage outlook is strong well into the future.

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