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Certified Pharmacy Technician

In the majority of states across the country you do not need a license to be a pharmacy technician. However, it is important that you check the laws pertaining to your state in order to verify what may be required if you wish to become a practicing pharmacy technician. Some states may require some type of certification to verify that you are qualified for the job while other states may just leave that to the discretion of the employers.

Even so, if your state does not require licensing or certification becoming a pharmacy technician may still be in your best interest. Many employers prefer that their employers are certified pharmacy technicians as that insures that the technicians that they hire are qualified with the knowledge and expertise that they want. This can go a long way towards reducing employee costs such as training and turnover. It is also beneficial for the employer to reduce their malpractice insurance costs.

Certified Pharmacy Technician Training

The demand for certified pharmacy technician positions is growing as the medical industry as a whole is constantly expanding. The population of the country is also getting progressively older as the baby boomers are all past the age of 50 by now. It is well-known that older people typically use more pharmaceuticals that their younger counterparts. This in turn leads to a greater demand in healthcare jobs and pharmacies and the need for qualified pharmacists and certified pharmacy technicians.

Completing your training to become a certified pharmacy technician can be a solid career move at this time. By the year 2016 it has been estimated that the demand for pharmacy technicians will increase as much as 32%, which is a rather significant gain in this time of economic uncertainties.

Certified Pharmacy Technician Exam

It is possible to become a certified pharmacy technician in as little as 6 to 12 months. After you have completed your training and passed the test to become a certified pharmacy technician you are eligible for entry-level positions in this exciting healthcare field and the best thing is you can also qualify for a decent salary with room for increases and advancement. Salaries are contingent upon the type of pharmacy you work in, the number of certified pharmacy technician positions available in that pharmacy and the part of the country that you live and work in. Working in a small compounding pharmacy can allow you to gain some very important skills and expertise in the pharmacy field that may not be available in other types of pharmacies even though that may not pay as well as a pharmacy located in a large hospital. However, the experience as a pharmacy technician in a small compounding pharmacy may be very beneficial for your future career plans.

In order to become a certified pharmacy technician you will need to complete the training and then pass a certification exam. In order to keep your certification up to date you will also be required to take a certain amount of continuing education every 2 years or so. Most often this is about 20 hours every 2 years. However, this is beneficial to you as a working certified pharmacy technician because you will be able to keep up with the many changes in the industry and this is important for you, your employers and most of all your customers.

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