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Echocardiography Career


An echocardiogram is a sonogram of the heart. A sonogram uses ultrasound technology to display a two, three or four-dimensional image of something within the body. An echocardiogram, also known as a cardiac ECHO or just an ECHO is a cardiac ultrasound that uses standard ultrasound technology to make a two-dimensional image of the heart. An echocardiography technician is an ultrasound technician with the specialized training to conduct echo-cardiograms.

Also see stress echocardiography or transthoracic echocardiogram.

With the graying of America and the continuous advancement of technology, the field of echocardiography is a rapidly growing sector of the current healthcare job market. Heart disease is the number one killer of both men and women and the demand for echocardiography continues to grow. Consequently, Echocardiography technicians enjoy some of the highest salaries among those with an associates degree in the healthcare field. In fact, Cardiac sonographers or as they are otherwise known Echocardiography technicians rank among the top 10 highest paid of Associate degree education level professionals.

The demand for trained Echocardiographers is continuing to grow at a very rapid pace and the salaries of these trained professionals is following suit. The need for highly trained cardiac sonographers has risen over the past decade or so due to the rapidly aging population in the United States and and the high incidence of heart disease in all age demographics. There is also a trend of replacing outdated radiology equipment with more cost-effective and more accurate ultrasound technology. By the year 2016, the employment of cardiac imaging specialists is expected to rise by another 26 percent over the current levels.

Echocardiography Salary

Statistics from the U.S. Department of Labor show a rapid growth in the median Echocardiographer salary. In 2004 the median income for an echocardiography technician was around $52,490 but by the year 2006 this salary level had risen to $57,160. During that same year the range of salary levels for an echocardiographer was from $40,960.00 to $77,520.00.

  • median income $52,490.00
  • low income $40,960.00
  • high income $77,520.00

The biggest employers of echocardiographers are hospitals and primary clinics. However, employment for echocardiographers is on the rise in doctor’s offices, diagnostic imaging centers and in the contract and traveling service field.

Trained and career Echocardiographers can expect to receive higher salaries and more rewarding positions as they get more experience and complete more training. The echocardiographers who have training and cross training in both invasive and non-invasive techniques can expect to see higher demand for their skills in the real job market. Education in other areas of diagnostic sonography and ultrasound will also have a positive effect on the potential career path of the trained echocardiographer.

If you wish to become one of these highly trained professionals in the medical field you must first complete an accredited program of cardiac ultrasound training. This typically takes 2 years and you will receive an associates degree. You will then be required to complete the certification, which means you will have to pass a test to prove your skills and knowledge. Different states have different requirements for licensing and you will need to check with your own state to fulfill the requirements.

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