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Find A Career As An Ultrasound Technician Or Sonographer

The field of Ultrasound Technology or Sonography is a growing job market. While Ultrasound has typically been associated with Obstetrics and the use of ultrasound technology during pregnancy there are also many other applications in which ultrasound technology is used and therefore there is also a rising demand for Ultrasound technicians or sonographers.

Sonography or ultrasonography uses sound waves to generate an image to assess and diagnose various medical conditions. Special equipment is used to direct high frequency sound waves into the patients body. The equipment then collects the reflected echos which forms an image that can be transmitted via videotape or photograph to be interpreted by a physician for diagnosis.

ultrasound technician programs

The ultrasound technician or sonographer is trained to use this highly specialized equipment. They must select the appropriate equipment settings and make sure that the patient is in the best position for the most appropriate view to achieve the best diagnosis. The ultrasound technician begins by explaining the procedure to the patient and recording any applicable medical history that may be relevant to the condition being examined. They then utilize a transducer that is connected to the ultrasound equipment. The transducer transmits the sound waves in a cone or rectangular shaped beams which in turn reflects the echos that allow for diagnosis.

The technology for ultrasound imaging is constantly being updated as new advances arise. There is now rising technology that allows for 3D and 4 D imaging which allows the greater access and views of the body. This greater technology has further expanded the use of ultrasound and sonography.

Ultrasound Technician Training

Some advanced training is, of course, required to become an ultrasound technician and the curriculum generally includes an extensive internship. An ultrasound technician internship can require as much as 32 hours of clinical exposure every week. There are also required courses and exams that must be completed before becoming certified as an Ultrasound technician or sonographer.

Ultrasound Technician Requirements

In order to be a certified ultrasound technician, one must receive license from the American Registry for Diagnostic Sonography or the ARDMS. One must successfully pass three licensing exams after graduating from an accredited sonography course. The three exams generally include proficiency in sonography on the abdomen, the pelvis and obstetrics. If the ultrasound technician wishes to specialize there are other exams that measure proficiency in other body parts, such as the breast, the vascular system or the neonatal system.

The licensing exams generally cost between $200.00 and $600.00 so it is advised that the applicant try to take the exams immediately upon the completion of the schooling or internship or to take a review course prior to testing. Adequate preparation for the tests is recommended.

An ultrasound technician can also specialize in various areas, such as cardiac care, neonatal care, vascular or even ophthalmology. These fields require more advanced education and internship along with additional licensing exams.

As with most professional licenses, the ultrasound technician or sonographer license must be renewed on a periodic basis. Since the field is continuously developing, continuing education is required to renew a license.

Ultrasound Technician Schools

If you are contemplating a career in the field of sonography or ultrasound technology it would benefit you to take a look at the various ultrasound technician schools and courses of study. Make sure that you take into account things such as the program descriptions, tuition fees and the quality of the education that you will receive. It would also be of great benefit to complete any prerequisite courses prior to enrolling in the sonography courses so that you can focus your attention on the actual sonography courses and the on-the-job training.

There are great opportunities for a trained ultrasound technician or sonographer. As soon as you complete your courses and pass the licensing exams you are in a position to land a great career.

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