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How to become an LPN

If you genuinely wish to help people in need, care about their health and wellbeing and do not mind daily interaction with patients, then being a Licensed Practical Nurse or LPN can be a wise career choice. Being an LPN lets you enjoy high job security as Licensed Practical Nurses will always be in high demand to fulfil the general populations need in health care. With every physician produced each year, many more LPNs are needed to assist them.

Studying to be an LPN

The good news is LPNs-to-be generally don’t need to spend numerous years before they can proudly proclaim themselves Licensed Practical Nurses. Compared to Registered Nurses who need to undergo a total of six years of training or more before they may accept employment as an RN, an LPN need only take up 12 to 24 months of their time to graduate as Licensed Practical Nurses. A good LPN program offers classes that are conducted in traditional classrooms AND online portal, giving the best of both worlds to all students.

If you cannot afford expensive bachelor’s degree programs for nursing, you may want to opt to enrol in a community college where fees are more affordable. However, you will need to contact the Board of Nursing or check its website to see a list of approved schools before applying. Choosing an accredited program will ensure that your classes transfer well, and upon graduating, potential employers will be more than glad to give you a job.

Before enrolling in a credible LPN program, you need to:

  • Be 18 years of age
  • Possess a high school diploma or GED
  • Show a letter of recommendation (optional)

Online LPN courses are another option to become an LPN. Online programs will give you a world of convenience at your fingertips… literally! If a fixed schedule isn’t for you, then rejoice for you can now study and pass exams at your own pace.

However, in no way is an online program laid-back  as you will be subject to intensive training and discussion with your trainers and peers. Your professor will dedicate his time to you and will leniently adhere to a schedule that you’re comfortable with. And should you worry about not getting enough hands-on experience, the myriad of opportunities for externship should please you. The chance for externship will allow you to interact with real-life medical professionals and like-minded peers as you exchange thoughts and knowledge. You can also apply theories learned during online LPN courses in real life, and upon graduation, impress employers with your talents, experience and dedication.

Typically, it takes 12 to 24 months to be an LPN, and you can expect to be working in your field of study within 6 months of graduation.

LPN career development

The most logical step to further LPN carrer is becoming a Registered Nurse (RN). This will bring higher wages ($60,000 or more), but also more responsibilities. Additional education is required to become a Registered Nurse. When thinking about a career change in the nursing profession, be sure to consider medical trends, availability of nearby facilities and the new job responsibilities you are willing to undertake.

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