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How To Become An Ultrasound Technician

If you are interested in becoming an ultrasound technician, part of the process will involve learning how to use different types of scanning equipment and medical diagnostic tools to make sure that ultrasound scanning and readings are done safely. Ultrasound technicians are subjected to vigorous regulation and extensive training is necessary in order to ensure that the utilization of the technology is proper.

First Step

The very first step for becoming an ultrasound technician is to get trained and educated in this field. The ultrasound equipment is sophisticated and medical professionals do not let anybody use it. So, technicians must understand both the way the machine works from technological point of view and how it is used for medical diagnosis.

Common educational paths being used for becoming an ultrasound technician include Community or junior colleges which offer degrees in ultrasound technician technology and are associate’s degree (that is 2-year); Technical or career schools that usually offer Associate’s degree and is a popular route into the field of ultrasound; Educational schools that offer shorter programs such as 1-year programs resulting in a certificate but they are not accredited; 4-year colleges and universities that offer sonography and medical imaging Bachelor’s degree and Hospitals also offer their own ultrasound programs because they seldom offer employment later. There are online ultrasound technician schools as well that save a lot of time and money of the individual.

The advantage of these schools is that they provide you with the understanding and knowledge of exactly how the improvements in these technologies tend to be changing. A number of different places which the students normally focus in include Gynecologic sonography, stomach sonography, neurosonolgy, ophthalmology, general technologies as well as diagnostic heart sonography. But still, the best thing about this field is that there is no certification/ licensing legally required to be hired.


However, it is good to get a certification in order to get a good pay scale, given by a professional organization The American Registry of Medical Sonographers (ARDMS). An ultrasound technician degree can open ways for one who is interested in a rewarding, exciting and stable career. The right education can help any ultrasound school student to become a brilliant technician within a short span of time. Currently, the interest in ultrasound technicians with a certification and even a connect diploma is actually very popular.


Once the individual is trained, and certified in ultrasound, next step is of course, to get a job. For this, one has to simply apply to a lot of different work settings /establishments. One can make a list of employers looking for technicians and set up interviews with them.

These may include hospitals, private physician practices, medical laboratories, clinics, nursing homes/outpatient care, home care providers etc. The lists are also available in the usual newspapers, medical industry magazines and on the internet. Internet has a lot of specialty employment websites that deal with careers in medical arena and allow the users to browse by type of medical health work they would like to do.

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