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Medical billing software

Medical billing software

Medical billing software is computer-based application that manages the financial and administrative functions of healthcare organizations. The software program includes patient management, ...

ICD 9 Diagnosis Codes

There exists hundreds of thousands of codes, every one structured to match numerous diagnoses, symptoms, treatment options, and medications, medical billing and coding can easily turn ...

CPT Codes

In theory, Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) code set is taken care of by the American Medical Association. The CPT code set identifies medical, surgical, and diagnostic services ...

Medical Billing Services

For health-related companies that prefer not to handle their own billing, there are online medical billing services available to do the job for you. Electronic medical billing services ...

ICD-10 Coding Changes

ICD-10 is the acronym for International Statistical Classification of Disease and Related Health Problems and the 10 means it is the tenth revision. The publication is a medical classification ...

Working With Medicaid And Medicare Patients

Medicaid is an insurance program for people of low income and resources who cannot fund their own medical expenses. Medicare is an insurance program that provides health insurance coverage ...
claim form

How to Use The CMS-1500 Claim Form

Even though most medical billing is performed electronically, there are still some instances when paper claims are made. The paper claim form is called the CMS-1500 and it is a universal ...

Medical Record Documentation

Every healthcare provide, whether they are a private practitioner or belong to a group of doctors or if they are affiliated with a larger healthcare network or hospital, will need to ...
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