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Pharmacy Technician in a nutshell

How many pharmacy technicians have you met in your lives? If you answered none, then you would be surprised to find out that there are more and more people opting to take up this profession ...

What does a pharmacy technician do

Have you ever walked into a pharmacy and saw pharmacy staff in white coats? Some of them are pharmacists while the rest are pharmacy technicians, so while they look pretty much the ...

Pharmacy Technician Registration

A pharmacy technician is employed in a pharmacy for the purpose of performing pharmacy related functions and works under the direct supervision of a registered pharmacist. Pharmacy ...

Pharmacy Technician Qualifications

Pharmacy technician is a field of medicine that continues to grow despite the variations and speed bumps in the economy and job market. As the population ages and lives longer, more ...

Pharmacy Technician Job Interview

Interviewing for a pharmacy technician job can be more stressful than taking the classes and passing the certification exam. It will pay off in the long run to prepare for a pharmacy ...

Pharmacist Resume Tips

Like the resume for any job, a pharmacist resume must provide a detailed yet concise look at the information relevant to your experience and education as it pertains to your job search. ...

Pharmacy Technician Career

In the United States, right now there tend to be way more pharmacy jobs than certified pharmacists. Which makes this an excellent career choice. Even nurses can be pharmacy technicians. Pharmacy ...

How to Become a Pharmacy Technician

Certified pharmacy technician job growth is continuing to expand at a rate of about 25% through the year 2018. The reason for the uptick is twofold. Pharmacies were once an individual ...

Certified Pharmacy Technician

In the majority of states across the country you do not need a license to be a pharmacy technician. However, it is important that you check the laws pertaining to your state in order ...
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