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Pharmacy technician duties

At the head of the pharmacy is a pharmacist, assisted by his trusty pharmacy technician who will be tasked with carrying out pharmaceutical duties in the front and backend of the office. Most ...

Temporary Pharmacy Technician Jobs

Many pharmacies throughout the world rely on part-time and temporary pharmacy technicians to fill in for full-time employees who may need to take leave, take a vacation or even to add ...

Pharmacy Jobs Offer Great Pay Great Benefits and Security

The healthcare industry is one of the strongest industries in this economy and it offers stability and security to its workers. The healthcare industry is vital as every single person ...

An Inside View Of The Job Of A Pharmacist

Becoming a pharmacist is a great career opportunity. Pharmacists are an important link in our health care system. They are responsible for dispensing prescription drugs and treatments ...

Pharmacy Jobs

By law, medicines can only be prepared and dispensed by qualified pharmacists and qualified pharmacy technicians. Most often, in this day and age, pre-measured tablets, capsules and ...

Pharmacy Technician Job Description

A pharmacy technician is one who works under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist. His or her role is to perform many pharmacy related tasks. The technician often handles the routine ...
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