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LPN job description

Licensed Practical Nurses, or LPNs, are basically regulated health care experts who work hand in hand with other members of the health care team to deliver quality treatment to patients in need. LPNs complete tasks under the supervision of Registered Nurses, or RN, and work diligently to assist physicians in whichever health care facility they work in, be it a hospital, hospice, nursing center, pediatric center or school clinic.

 What do LPNs do?

As soon as LPNs steps into the health care where they will be employed, they will be assigned to an RN who will be their superior throughout LPN’s time there. Being an LPN is a very hands-on job and will require providing the best care to patients while assessing their condition, then planning and implementing the next steps needed to put them on the path to recovery.

Why should you be an LPN?

There is never a shortage of jobs in the health care industry, and should you choose to train as an LPN, you’re pretty much safe from being laid off even during a recession. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than half a million nursing jobs will be created in the near future. This means that LPNs will be in high demand and will enjoy higher wages (and a long-term rewarding career, of course).

As a certified LPN, you will also enjoy greater work flexibility compared to other professions in the health care arena. If you’re a student or have kids to care for, you may opt to work part time without sacrificing your precious family time. Otherwise you may choose to work full time in hospitals, hospices, clinics, research centers and nursing homes – all within the environment of your choice, be it in an urban or rural area.

An LPN’s work is never boring. You can never encounter the same situation two days running, so you can be sure of an interesting day for every single day of your career. Should you get tired of working in the same setting, you may apply for employment in another environment where your talents and experience will be welcomed with open arms.

Knock knock – Is there room for male LPNs?

The general myth regarding male LPNs is that they are not always warmly welcomed by their female counterparts. Admittedly, there were isolated incidents where male LPNs would put in complaints about being treated inferiorly in a female-dominated sector, but this is not something very common. In fact, the nursing field is full of close-knit staff where both males and females are welcome as talent and experience, not gender, are the main factors that would make you a good worker.

With workplace diversity being a trending situation now amongst employers, more and more males are encouraged to take up jobs as LPNs in the booming health care industry. Besides contributing their physical strength when it’s needed, male LPNs can certainly bring a fresh outlook to the world of nursing with their confidence, motivation and decision-making skills.

Career opportunities as an LPN

Most long-time LPNs can attest to the fact that career prospects as a Licensed Practical Nurse look pretty sunny. Besides having the flexibility to work in hospitals, hospices, nursing centers, pediatric wards or other environments, you can earn a decent wage as well as get new experience.

Employment opportunities for Licensed Practical Nurses are excellent. Most LPNs work in acute care hospitals, rehabilitation hospitals, medical centres and extended care facilities. Choose an area that interests you – gerontology, maternal-child, medical, mental health, palliative, pediatric, rehabilitation or surgical nursing. You also can pursue a career in a community setting: a nursing clinic, home care agency, private nursing agency, community health centre or physician’s office.

Should you feel the need to lessen work on patient care and instead, pursue other professions in the medical sector such as in the pharmaceutical sector, you can easily take up a short course, enhance your knowledge and let your experience allow you to get hired quickly.

Some LPNs even went on to impress their employers so much that they were trained to be surgical technicians, which will further improve their career prospects and salaries.

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