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Medical assistant duties

Being blessed with the ability to complete tasks efficiently in the front and back office, medical assistants are also famously known as multi-taskers in the health care industry. With the burgeoning world population and constant discovery of new medical conditions, it is no surprise that medical assistants are very much in demand all over the world.

What skills do medical assistants need to possess?

A good medical assistant is no stranger to both the front and back office. As such, he or she needs to possess excellent customer service and phone etiquette. To ensure smooth patient flow, a medical assistant needs to be organized, conscientious and efficient. Obviously, he or she needs to be familiar with medical terminology and be prepared at all times in case assistance is needed to perform minor surgeries and procedures.

Medical assistants’ duties and job responsibilities

Medical assistants are very likely to be assigned to the front office at the beginning of their career, so it makes sense to brush up on customer service and phone etiquette if you want to be a medical assistant your employer will be proud of. Learning good administrative skills will allow you to go far as long as you demonstrate your capabilities in scheduling appointments, greeting patients and answering their queries the best you can.

Being adept in billing, bookkeeping and record-keeping will result in employers being grateful for the smooth payments processing you help manage. This is an important aspect to the business that your employers run, one that they may not have time to deal with as they have to focus on seeing patients.

Working closely with doctors, a medical assistant will be required to perform nursing clinical procedures under supervision. When a physician lacks time, a medical assistant will be called upon to assist in examinations, record patients’ vital signs while keeping all information comprehensively organized.

A medical assistant also reports directly to the clinical coordinator or practice administrator where he or she will be given instructions to ensure medical supplies are refilled, instruments kept in tip top condition and all logs maintain orderly manner.

Being equipped with commendable interpersonal skills will allow a good medical assistant to perform all duties effortlessly as he or she will need to communicate with co-workers and patients equally well. More often than not, a medical assistant will need to analyze information and explain to patients what it means in layman terms. On the backend, he or she will need to work diligently in order to compile, code, categorize and audit data to ensure a smooth-running business.

Job outlook for medical assistants

With the way the health care industry is growing exponentially, more and more medical assistant students are expected to throng the market with no shortage of good-paying jobs. Those who hesitate due to the supposedly less-than-exciting pay check need not worry. In fact, experts predict that the annual salary of a competent medical assistant should exceed $30,000 per year, provided they are equipped with formal training, adequate experience as well as the right certification. Highly experienced medical assistants in the top 10% should be able to make close to $38,000 easily.

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