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Mobile Phlebotomists

A mobile phlebotomist is one who is trained in the science and practice of blood collection, but often travels between locations, including to a patients place of residence for blood draw procedures. Mobile phlebotomists receive the same training and certification as a phlebotomist who is located in one facility and are required to follow the same health and safety procedures and protocols. Traveling phlebotomists also receive additional training to address issues that are not found in a clinical environment.

Phlebotomists often travel with blood drives to collect donations or may go to a facility to collect blood samples because of a breach in the facilities health and safety procedures. Mobile phlebotomists often work for insurance companies who require medical screening before an insurance policy is issued. Phlebotomists who travel bring this type of health care service to an individual or group who may not be able to access the service on their own.

Being a phlebotomist on the go has challenges not seen in a clinical setting. The setting for blood draw might not be a safe and sterile environment and the phlebotomist will have to take the necessary steps to make the procedure as safe as possible.

This is where a phlebotomist who is creative and quick thinking will have the definite advantage over one who is used to a steady, clinical routine that never varies. There are different types of blood draw equipment and the phlebotomist will have to know how to use that equipment supplied at the blood draw event. The location for the blood draw may be limited in space and have limited supplies.

A mobile phlebotomist will often travel with an assistant who is also trained in blood sample collection. The assistant will prepare the equipment and the patient for the blood draw routine and then document each patient and label all blood samples. The assistant will sometimes screen blood donation candidates and take the necessary vital signs. If additional supplies are needed, it will be the assistant’s job to fetch them. The assistant will also be able to step in and perform blood draws in the event the phlebotomist is overwhelmed with patients.

Below Is A List Of Mobile Phlebotomy Services…

It is going to be just about impossible to list every mobile phlebotomy services, so we have come up with a small list of a number of the most significant providers in metropolitan areas.

1. Staci’s Phlebotomy Service – Seattle area. Their website is

2. ColMed – in almost every states. Their website is

3.Bayside Mobile Medical Service – San Francisco Bay area. Their website is

4. Aim to Please Phlebotomy – Portland and Vancouver area. Their website is

5. Arizona United Phlebotomy – ofcourse the state of Arizona. Their website is

6. Independent Phlebotomy Provider Group – Southern California area. Their website is

7. Tender Touch – also the Southern California area. Their website is

A mobile phlebotomist may be employed by a health care facility, Doctor or other company providing blood draw procedures or may be employed as an independent contractor. Being an independent phlebotomist has challenges and responsibilities all their own.

An independent phlebotomist will be able to create their own schedule and work when they want and travel as much as desired. The independent phlebotomist may also be required to provide the necessary equipment and sample kits in addition to performing the blood draw procedures.

The independent mobile phlebotomist may have to be contracted with testing laboratories for testing purposes. The labs will have to have the necessary capacity to test the blood samples, if necessary, in a timely manner. The phlebotomist will also need a courier, delivery service or other distribution method to deliver blood samples to the destination, whether it is a storage facility or testing lab.

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