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How much do medical assistants make?

One of the most common questions posed to medical assistants include, “Why would you want to be a medical assistant when you can be a doctor?” The answer is simple, and lies within your preference. Being a doctor can be seen as handling the more “clinical” side of things whereas a medical assistant is seen as a Jack of all trades. Besides, assisting doctors and allowing them to see more patients while reducing waiting time CAN be pretty noble.

Who are medical assistants?

In as few words as possible, medical assistants are helpers in every sense. They assist health care practitioners in certain tasks involving patient care and administrative duties. These tasks may involve medical assistants getting “down and dirty” with lab work, blood preparation and injections or spending hours completing with seemingly banal tasks such as setting appointments, answering phone calls and organizing patient records.

Are medical assistants well-paid?

Medical assistants are extensively trained to assist health care physicians and be well-versed in patient care, and because there is no shortage of neither doctors nor patients, being a medical assistant can be a well-paid job.

Like other professions, your experience speaks volumes about your pay check. This being said being a medical assistant will not be your ticket to striking it super-rich. Don’t forget that health care industry constantly undergos changes and with it, there is high possibility that an educated and experienced medical assistant’s pay will increase several notches in the following years.

How much do medical assistants REALLY make?

Medical assistants’ salary depends on their education, experience and work location. Medical assistants who have been educated to perform tasks in both the front and back office will be paid more than those who are certified or stationed in just one location.

For example, certified medical assistant stationed in hospitals can expect to be paid anywhere around $10 to $20 per hour. Those who are certified to only assist in the front office where tasks concerning patient inquiries and communications and record-keeping are commonly assigned can expect to take home $9 to $13 per hour.

Specialized medical assistants (those who have chosen to specialize in a specific field of medicine, such as cardiology, oncology, ophthalmology, etc.) will make even more, starting $30,000 per year.

Pay vs. satisfaction – tipping the scales

One of the best tactics for increasing a payrol for a medical assistant is to take additional courses. It goes without saying that those who give good help will be paid good money. And on top of that, receive great job satisfaction that comes with helping those in the need. If you need to consider other reasons in becoming a medical assistant, these factors should help you get started:

  • Room for growth and stability – The F&B industry is booming but the job outlook for medical assistants look rather bright too. It is impressive to hear the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics paint a bright future for medical assistant employment to increase 34% within the decade. With so many medical conditions plaguing the world, it makes common sense to fulfil the demand for medical assistants by immersing yourself in relevant courses.
  • Short and straightforward training stint – unlike other professions, you don’t need to spend half a decade before earning a modest pay check as a medical assistant. Most medical assistants go on a short stint not more than two years before discovering that additional on-the-job training would increase their salary. A high school diploma is all you need, so there’s no reason to hesitate before beginning your path.
  • Be a Jack of all trades – Being a medical assistant ensure that you never suffer from a boring day. Say goodbye to monotonous 9-to-5 jobs as you immerse yourself in a variety of tasks as a medical assistant. From sterilizing equipment to being a medical back-end guru, you’ll quickly discover how interesting it is to learn many new skills to enhance your life and career.
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