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Pharmacy Technician Job Interview

Interviewing for a pharmacy technician job can be more stressful than taking the classes and passing the certification exam. It will pay off in the long run to prepare for a pharmacy technician job interview. Being prepared will display confidence and self assuredness. Employers are always looking for potential candidates who are confident and have a sense of responsibility about them. Being prepared demonstrates the job candidate’s commitment and passion for the job, as well as the seriousness of employment.

The interview will involve a discussion about the candidate’s educational background, willingness to always learn something new and brush up on the standard skills by taking continuing education classes and future academic ambitions. Do not, for any reason, claim education that was not acquired.

Do not exaggerate degrees, grades or even attendance. Most likely the employer will check the education claims and if it is discovered the job candidate manipulated the truth in any way, the employment prospect will be over before it even begins.

Your Past Work Experience

Also, the interview will always include a discussion of past work experience and the duties involved. If there is short term field related jobs, why the short term may need to be explained. Be honest and truthful about the circumstances surround holding a job for a short time. Most employers realize not every person is right for every job and not every job is right for every person.

True, the job interview will also include the exact duties of the pharmacy technician and a series of questions and what if scenarios will be posed. The pharmacy technician job interview will include questions such as “how is a patient’s prescription filled? The interviewer will look for answer that will include receiving the script and fully understanding it, then obtaining the correct ingredients and performing the necessary compound procedure and putting it in the appropriate container will the appropriate label. The licensed pharmacist will inspect the final product for accuracy before dispensing to the patient.’

Even More Questions

The pharmacy job interview will also include questions about what to do if there is a question about the script. Chances are each pharmacy has a policy in place that the pharmacy technician will follow, but the elements of the answer will include a consultation with the registered pharmacist will take place and then a call to the prescribing Doctor.

The question might have to do with the dosage or the medication itself and if it is appropriate for the customer. The pharmacist always has the right to question a prescription.

Other questions to be posed in a job interview include the proper storage of drugs, ethics and the laws regulating prescription medications as well as other tasks performed that might be non prescription related. When describing the storage of drugs include the proper protocol and containers used and environment and shelf life considerations. Always take ethics seriously for the protection of the patient as well as the pharmacy. If the candidate is prepared and reviews their educational and work background, the interview will go well.

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