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Pharmacy Technician Programs

The ever expanding world of pharmacy technician is one of the fastest growing fields and predicted to be on the growth track by an increase of about 25% through the year 2018, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Qualified pharmacy technicians are in demand and will be for the foreseeable future.

There are a number of schools that offer pharmacy technician programs for those ready to enter a field with a bright and secure future. The programs available are associate degree, diploma and certificate of completion programs. Not all schools offer all programs.

The Internet has made it so easy to find just the right school. A simple web search for pharmacy technician schools or programs will reveal the schools in your area or the area you wish to attend school. A link to the school will be provided in the web search reveal. The schools web page will contain the information you need to make a decision about where to apply and where to attend if accepted.

Selecting A Program

Before choosing a school, it is important to give some long-range thought to your education and employment goals. Where you want to be in 20 years, may have an impact on the school or type of completion award you receive. If your goal is to someday be in a supervisory capacity or even teach, an associate degree program will serve you better than a diploma program. It is possible to take a program that gives you enough of the basics to get a job and return to a degree program in the future, but that seems like duplicating effort somewhere along the line.


Preparation for a career as a pharmacy technician really begins in high school. It is recommended to take math and science in high school as those two subjects are the basis for most pharmaceuticals. The math involved is more than knowing how to push buttons on a calculator or calling up a program online to do the number crunching for you. Chemistry and biology are critical when preparing medications according to a prescription and there will be a heavy emphasis in those areas as your education progresses.

The program you decide to attend should be an accredited program. If you are to further your education, classes may or not be eligible for transferable credit, depending on the accreditation status of the program where the classes were taken. If you decide to become certified, if your state has voluntary certification, only accredited programs are accepted by the certification board to qualify to take the exam.

One of the goals of the program is to prepare the student not only to find employment as a pharmacy technician, but to help prepare the student for the certification exam. The exam is 100 multiple choice questions and is pass/fail. A good program will give the student the necessary tools and know how to study for the exam and pass it. Even if the state you work in does not require certification, it is recommended to become certified.

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