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Pharmacy Technician Qualifications

Pharmacy technician is a field of medicine that continues to grow despite the variations and speed bumps in the economy and job market. As the population ages and lives longer, more and more medication is being used. Diseases are being diagnosed quicker and at earlier stages requiring more medication being used.

Doctors are sometimes quick to prescribe medication rather than determine the reasons for a physical or mental concern that may not require medication. Pharmacy technicians are employed to assist the registered pharmacist in the preparation and distribution of medications. There are certain pharmacy technician qualifications that must be met before working as a pharmacy tech.

Pharmacy technician qualifications include completing a pharmacy technician program and becoming certified. However, not all states require pharmacy techs to be certified, but it is recommended. Being certified gives the technician the ability to demonstrate their ability to understand pharmaceuticals and the necessary standards and practices that must be used to prepare medication as directed by a Doctor’s prescription. Certification is also used as a bench mark when evaluating resumes of candidates for employment.

Qualifications For Pharmacy Technician

Pharmacy technician qualifications also include having excellent communication skills, math proficiency and organizational skills. Communication skills are necessary as the pharmacy tech will be interfacing with a number of people including the prescribing Doctor, the patient and the registered pharmacist, sometimes all at the same time.

The pharmacy tech has to be able to understand directions both verbally and written as well as express the same to the patient and anyone else involved in the discussion. Poor communication skills will only lead to problems and the endangerment of the patient if the wrong medication is dispensed or questions are misunderstood and answered incorrectly.

You Have To Be Good At Math

Yes, math is an important skill necessary when discussing pharmacy technician qualifications, as the medication preparation relies on proper measuring and weighing the materials and compounding in the correct proportions. Working the medication sometimes means converting the measurements and quantities between the English and Metric systems. Computer proficiency is a skill that will enable the pharmacy tech to keep track of orders and inventory.

It will also help keep the pharmacy organized and running efficiently, including billing and payments received. Pharmacy software programs are the life blood of the pharmacy. Without them, the pharmacy might be just as organized, but the methods to complete tasks and track inventory and prescriptions will be slower and more time consuming to complete.

You Must Be Ethical

True, one of the most important pharmacy technician qualifications is ethical behavior. In order to build trust with the patient, the pharmacy tech must respect and protect patient/pharmacy confidentiality, as well as respect and follow the policies of the pharmacy. The pharmacy tech must understand and follow to the letter of the law without wavering, the rules and regulations governing the preparation and distribution of prescribed medication.

The truth is, to violate the code of ethics is a breach of personal responsibility to the patient and the pharmacy, as well the pharmaceutical profession as a whole. That breach also undermines the pharmacy’s ability to work with patients in the best interest of their health care.

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