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Pharmacy Technician Schools

The field of pharmacy technician is thriving, and the need for qualified pharmacy technicians will increase by about 25% through the year 2018. That is due, in part, to the number of middle aged and elderly people who use more prescription medication than young people, and that will spur the demand for more pharmacy workers. As science leads to more drugs, more people will qualify for those new medications, adding to the number of pharmacy customers, leading to a demand for more pharmacy workers, as well.

Also contributing to the demand for pharmacy technicians are the cost conscience consumers who are relying on the “healthcare clinics” held at some of the well established pharmacies. As pharmacists become more involved with patient care, the technicians will assume a greater role and adopt some of the administrative duties carried out by pharmacy aides.

With the job prospects for pharmacy technicians looking good over the next 6 to 7 years, it might be time to consider a change in profession or a decision to pursue the field of pharmacy technician. The best place to start looking for a qualified school is the Internet. A web search for pharmacy technician schools will reveal a number of schools. The web search can be fine tuned to search for schools only in your area or by state or region. Be sure the school you choose is accredited. If you plan to pursue higher education using pharmacy technician as a stepping stone, you will only be able to transfer credits from an accredited school.

Pharmacy technician schools offer certificate programs, diplomas or technician associate degree. There are pro’s and con’s to each type of program. The program chosen will be the one that fits your needs and desires for a career as a pharmacy technician.

List Of Schools

UEI College – Pharmacy Tech Diploma Program

US Career Institute – Online Certificate

National College – Campus Diploma and Associate

Everest College – Campus Certificate

Kaplan College – Campus Certificate and Diploma

Brown Mackie College – Campus Associate

Remington College – Campus Diploma

Virginia College – Campus Certificate, Diploma and Associate

Sanford-Brown College – Campus Diploma and Certificate

Sanford-Brown Institute – Campus Diploma and Certificate

YTI Career Institute – Campus Diploma

Certificate Program

The pharmacy technician certificate of completion program can be completed in about a year or less. They provide the basic of fundamental skills necessary to perform the tasks of a technician in retail or clinical setting. The program is also beneficial to help the student prepare for the certification exams. A high-school diploma is required to apply to the program.

Diploma Program

The pharmacy technician diploma program takes about a year to complete and include more in depth subject matter than the certificate of completion program. The course of study includes administrative and pharmaceutical classes and prepares the student to assist the licensed pharmacist with medication duties. The diploma program is considered a good step toward a degree program. The diploma program also helps prepare the student to take any certification exams.

Associate Degree Program

The pharmacy technician associate degree program takes about 2 years to complete. The program provides a more thorough and comprehensive program than the certificate of completion and diploma programs. The students can expect to receive a broad spectrum of training in the medical field as well as focused pharmaceutical training. The program includes an internship that provides vital on the job training and job experience. Students with an associate degree will be able to transfer some if not all of the credits to an advance degree program.

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