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Pharmacy Technician Test

Pharmacy technician is a field experiencing continued growth. Despite the economy, the pharmacy technician is managing to hold its own. According to the Bureau of Labor, pharmacy technician field will continue to grow at approximately 25% for the next 6 to 8 years.

Most pharmacies are no longer individual establishments, but have become a part of a retail establishment and the population is becoming increasingly older and consuming more medication are the two primary reasons for the growth see by the pharmacy technician field.

Pharmacy Technician Practice Test

It is necessary to successfully pass the pharmacy technician certification test to become certified in the field of pharmacy technician. The Pharmacy Technician Certification Program is accredited by the National Commissioner for Certifying Agencies (NCAA). Technicians who pass the exam are granted the title of Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPhT).

The pharmacy technician test is a state based exam and administered by the state pharmacy board. The applicant must a minimum of 18 years of age and be a high school graduate. The applicant must also have no pharmacy or drug related convictions and no denial by any state board of pharmacy.

Not all states require a pharmacy technician to be certified, but it is highly recommended to consider becoming certified. A certification demonstrates the candidate’s proficiency and skills required for certification as well as raise the candidate to the bench mark that pharmacy technicians are measured.

The candidate for application must also complete an approved training program. The technician program of choice will depend on the technician level desired. Before choosing the program, give some thought to long term career goals. If the intent is to use the position of pharmacy technician as just a step along the path to higher education and a career as a licensed professional pharmacist, a degree program, such as an associate degree, should be considered.

If the desire is to find employment as soon as possible, a certificate or diploma program will be the right choice. Keep in mind a degree will give the candidate the professional edge when it comes to being considered for employment, and an associate degree takes about 2 years to complete.

Pharmacy Technician Certification

Technicians who pass the pharmacy technician test will be eligible to work under the direction of a registered pharmacist in accordance with all the state rules and regulations. CPhT’s receive written prescription requests from patients or electronically from a Doctor’s office. Some states allow CPhT’s to process prescriptions requests via telephone.

Most pharmacy tech’s will find employment in health related facilities, retail and sometimes wholesale or retail facilities and standard pharmacy settings. Most pharmacy technician programs include a placement service to help those who pass the exam find suitable employment. The schools sometimes sponsor and invite pharmacy representatives to interview students for possible employment. Employment can also be found the old fashioned way of sending out a resume and transcript of grades.

Other methods of finding employment are through online job posting sites such as Monster dot com. If the candidate is in a program that requires an internship at a pharmacy setting, that pharmacy is a prime candidate for application, provided the candidate had a successful internship.

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