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Phlebotomy Training Online

The Internet has opened the door to education and made it more available than ever. Classes can be arranged around the student’s schedule, rather than the student arranging their schedule around attending classes. Online programs in phlebotomy training can be achieved online at one of the top phlebotomy schools.

Online training is available 24 hours a day right around the clock, every day, holidays included. The student can take the online class on their own time and at their own pace. Online training is a great fit for the person who wants to changes careers but still has to work at their old one until they are ready to transition into a new career path. Online training is a great fit for the busy person who has a lot of responsibilities that cannot be put aside in order to take classes.


Online phlebotomy training includes classroom instruction and training videos demonstrating how to draw blood using the veinpuncture and fingerstick. The materials online include laboratory safety, blood drawing safety and infection control, blood drawing procedures including what to do when the blood draw is difficult, preventing analytical errors in the laboratory, medical terminology, dealing with difficult people, legal situations that may arise when drawing blood and phlebotomy professional organizations to join.

Phlebotomy training online also includes quizzes and exams on the material covered as well as a final exam. The quizzes and tests are web based and taken and scored online. When the online program is completed and a success grade of completion is achieved, the student will usually be able to print a certificate of completion for your file and the online training sponsor will send you a certificate as well.

The one drawback to online phlebotomy training is there is no clinical experience unless the program or the student is associated with an organization that will recognize the online training and allow students to take advantage of their hands on work.

Getting Hired

A student may find an employer who will hire an online based trained student and bring them into their employ that that the first 30 days is clinical training only and pay will be something less than an entry level employee with full training. That is not a bad deal for someone who can afford to take a pay cut for a short time while getting the proper hands on phlebotomy training.

Online phlebotomy classes are also ideal for previously trained health care professionals such as paramedics, medical assistants, physicians and medical interns, medical students, Allied Health personnel and researchers. It is a great way to improve their knowledge base or add something extra to their skill base. Online classes in phlebotomy are excellent refresher classes for health professionals who have to take a variety of continuing education classes each year to retain an already earned certification.

Online classes are the wave of the educational future. They allow more people take advantage of learning and education as well as sharpening their skills for things already learned.

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