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Tips To Getting Your Phlebotomy License

The licensing of health professionals, including phlebotomists, is typically conducted by the state in which you reside. As of this time, most states do not require a license to be a practicing phlebotomist, with California and Louisiana being the exceptions. Even though the states may not require licensing, the majority of employers will require that the practicing phlebotomist is certified, which means that they have passed off the necessary education and they have been able to pass a test of their knowledge, which deems them to be a certified phlebotomy technician.

The majority of employers will require certification. This proves that the phlebotomy technician has had the training to develop the skills to become a certified phlebotomist. If you live in one of the states that requires a license, you must not only pass the certification exams but you must also pass the licensing exams for your individual state. Workers within the health industry must be aware that errors or mistakes can lead to medical malpractice, which of course can lead to legal repercussions so reputable employers require that all of their phlebotomy technicians are certified.

Certification Test The Phlebotomy Technician

Before taking the certification test the phlebotomy technician candidate must complete the minimum number of courses required by the school offering the phlebotomy training courses. These courses can often be taken online or at an institution, however, the courses all include a clinical portion, which of course, must be completed in person. If your state requires licensing you should check with your state’s licensing board for the complete requirements. They may require a certain amount of time working in the field in an apprentice role.

The certification test for phlebotomy technicians will require the candidate to pass a skills demonstration which tests how well he or she can perform the job. This will include how the patient is prepared for the blood extraction, the various methods and techniques, such as venipuncture and arterial puncture, the care of the patient after the blood is draw is completed, safety procedures for the delivery and processing of the blood samples or specimen, methods utilized to prevent infectious diseases, the ethics and legalities involved in phlebotomy and quality assurance in laboratory procedures and the usage of materials and any reagents. While some certification tests may include more these are the minimum requirements for certification as a phlebotomy technician.

If you are looking to become a certified phlebotomist you should search out the best institutions for the education that you require. The American Society for Clinical Pathology, the Association of Phlebotomy Technicians and the National Phlebotomy Association are all reputable and recognized institutions that you should check out. Conduct on online search and find the websites for these organizations. You should be able to find a complete list of all of the qualifications and requirements necessary to take the courses along with a list of all of the required education and clinical work. If your state requires a license you should check with the state’s health department for a list of all requirements.

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