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Top Phlebotomy Schools

A phlebotomist is one of many professional medical specialists in the health care industry. The phlebotomist drays blood from patients for the purpose of diagnostic testing and blood drive collection. Phlebotomist’s are often hired by health care facilities for the sole purpose of drawing blood, relieving the nurse or certified nurse assistant from that duty.

Phlebotomy is a skill that can be learned in a short time period, and is a good way for someone to find out if they have the necessary skills and stamina, not to mention stomach, for a career in the medical profession. It is important to take the necessary classes at one of many top phlebotomy schools.

Top phlebotomy schools offer accredited programs that include classroom instruction, as well as, clinical practice. The clinical portion of the program is usually an internship offered at a local health care facility affiliated with the school or at a facility of the students own choosing. Phlebotomy programs result in a diploma, certificate of completion or efficiency or an associate’s degree. The program tuition depends on the depth of the program.

Phlebotomy Schools

    • Kaplan Career Institute Kaplan Career Institute is a component of Kaplan Higher Education Campuses (KHEC), a division of Kaplan Higher Education Corporation (KHE). This Institution provides faster phlebotomy classes with flexible schedules for working men and women.
    • The Salter School of Nursing & Allied Health in Manchester is likewise providing a phlebotomy program with regard to anybody looking to enter the health care field.
    • Sanford-Brown is great Institution with a excellent group of educational facilities that offer phlebotomy classes.
    • CDM Institute has schools established all through New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. They have hands-on training, fantastic amenities and smaller classes that are readily available days, nights and weekends for the working adult.
    • Everest Insittute another great school that offers hands-on training for faster learning.
    • The City College in Gainesville Florida has a great phlebotomist program. You’ll learn how to collect blood, work with lab tests, and making use of laboratory equipment.

Phlebotomy Certification

To become a certified phlebotomist requires completing an accredited program at authorized top phlebotomy schools or learning centers. The class time is about 4 months long, but will vary depending on the intensity of the program. The classes concentrate on the methods and techniques to draw blood from a variety of patients and different parts of the body. The techniques taught in class are specialized for adults and children under the age of two years old.

The class room instruction at top phlebotomy schools includes basic phlebotomy theory, infection control, physiology and anatomy. The program will also include the cardiovascular system, pre-analytical errors and law and ethics pertaining to phlebotomy. The program may be split into a basic and advanced class. The basic course must be completed before taking the advanced class.

Phlebotomy Courses

The program will also include a clinical course where the student will learn to use the various pieces of equipment with hands on training in a laboratory setting. The prerequisite to enroll in a phlebotomy program is a high school diploma or equivalent. The student should keep in mind; classes in a phlebotomy program are not usually transferable to other medical related programs. The top phlebotomy schools will offer a course that also prepares the student to take the Phlebotomy National Exam.

The top phlebotomy schools are easy to find in your location with an Internet web search. In a matter of minutes, schools offering such programs will be at your fingertips. It will be important to review each program and choose the one that has an all around program and not just clinical techniques. Programs are offered at community colleges, career and technology schools and teaching hospitals.

There are schools that offer weekend programs that are ideal for the person who has full time responsibilities during the week. The length of time to complete the program may be longer than a program that meets on a regular schedule during the week.

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