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Ultrasound Technician Degree

The ultrasound technician is trained to operate the specialized ultrasound equipment for the purpose of producing interior bodily images. The images help Doctor’s and other health care specialists to diagnose life threatening diseases such as heart disease and cancer. The images also allow the Doctor’s to verify the absence of such diseases, as well. An ultrasound technician degree will help a student obtain a good job in the field of ultrasound technology.

An ultrasound technician, also known as a sonographer and ultrasonographer, can receive an ultrasound technician degree in about 2 years for an Associate’s degree, or 4 years for a Bachelors degree. A Masters degree is an additional 3 years beyond a Bachelors Degree, and there is only one school in the United States that offers a Masters Degree in ultrasound technology.

The degree programs are found at community colleges and universities, career and tech centers and vocational training programs. It is essential the student choose a program that is accredited by the CAAHEP, or the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs. For the student in a hurry to get into the workforce, accelerated ultrasound technician degree programs can be found.

Classes often found in ultrasound technician degree programs include anatomy and biology, medical terminology, the physics of sound and a variety of ultrasound programs geared to different body parts and areas. The students learn the operation and maintenance of all ultrasound equipment in theory and in practice.

Intern Program

Part of the program will include clinical training and may sometimes require an intern or externship program. To receive the desired degree, the student must successfully pass all the required classes and achieve the required credits for graduation.

Upon successful completion of the degree program, the student will be prepared to enter the work force or continue onto higher education, unless a Masters Degree was already achieved. The student will also be prepared to take the ARDMS certification test. The certificate is not required by most states; however, some employers will require employees to be certified. It is recommended the student take the exam whether an employer requires it or not.

It will serve to document the student’s proficiency as an ultrasound technician and give the student the edge when being considered for employment. The field of ultrasound technology is a field that continues to grow despite any fluctuations in the economy and the employment forecast.

Qualified ultrasound technologists will always be in demand to fill the needs that will be created as new ultrasound technologies are developed. With people living longer and health issues being readily diagnosed, the field of ultrasound technology will thrive, according to the BLA (Bureau of Labor Statistics).

Those with an ultrasound technology degree will find employment in a variety of health care facilities, insurance companies, the military, incarceration facilities and the federal government. Degreed technologist will also find employment in the private sector as a developer, manufacturer or sales representative of ultrasound equipment. If teaching is a goal, the classroom awaits for qualified instructors.

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