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Ultrasound Technicians Are In High Demand

The healthcare industry is constantly growing to meet the demands of the public. Technological advancements in medicine are always taking place and in many parts of the world the population is growing older while living longer therefore the International medical industry continues to grow and will continue to grow for years to come.

The field of Ultrasound technology is part of this growth. Ultrasound technology is used for much more than just obstetrics. Ultrasound technology is used in almost every single medical discipline from anesthesiology, where it is used to guide the needles to the best injection sites, to cardiology, where it can help to diagnose dilatation of the heart and the functioning of the heart ventricles and valves, to Gastroenterology, where it can help diagnose problems with almost any organ inside the body.

Baby Ultrasound

It can also be used on the musculoskeletal system and of course, the most well-known use of ultrasound is in obstetrics where it can show unborn babies, they even have 3d baby ultrasound nowadays. In short, ultrasound technology has such a wide application and can be used for so many things to help in the diagnosis of so many ailments that there is a constant demand for skilled ultrasound technicians.

There are three diagnostic imaging techniques that are used in the medical industry today. While there is always new technology coming up, right now the most commonly used are radiologic technology, nuclear medicine technology and ultrasound technology. The most common of the three is ultrasound technology.

Ultrasound technology uses sound waves to travel through the soft tissue and fluids in the human body. These sound waves then reflect back an echo to the scanner. This echo is then translated into an image that can be seen visually. The speed at which the sound waves reflect back depend upon the density of the tissue so different organs and images from the body are able to be generated.

Ultrasound Is Different Than x-rays

The technology behind ultrasound is completely different than X-rays. X-rays use electromagnetic radiation to generate images and ultrasound scanners use sound waves that reflect off from tissue that is denser than it’s surroundings. The scanner captures these sound waves and produce an image.

Ultrasound technology is significantly safer than X-ray technology as no radiation is used at all. Sound waves are a natural and normal part of our environment so they are completely safe for humans. There is no radiation or other potentially harmful elements in ultrasound technology.

Ultrasound technology equipment can be quite complex and one must have the proper training in order to use this advanced equipment most effectively. It is now required for an individual to have advanced training in order to become an ultrasound technician. This training must be somewhat ongoing as well since the ultrasound technology field continues to advance.

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