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What Are The Duties of An Ultrasound Technician

An Ultrasound Technician has a very interesting job with a myriad of responsibilities. Ultrasound technicians (also known as Sonographers) use advanced technology and equipment to produce an image of something within the human body which can then be used for diagnosis of disease or as in the case of obstetrics, to take an image of a growing embryo inside the womb.

Common Duties

The ultrasound technician has numerous duties and responsibilities, including taking medical histories and reviewing patient records and briefing the patient on the procedure. The sonographer, or ultrasound technician must place the patient in a proper posture that will ensure that the corresponding area to be scanned is in the best position to achieve the most comprehensive look at the body area in question. A good ultrasound technician must have a good foundation and understanding of human anatomy.

During the actual scanning process, high-tech equipment that uses ultrasonic waves is used in order to achieve an image. The ultrasonic waves bounce off the different parts of the body and produce an image that a radiologist can then analyze. Once the image is captured, it is generally forwarded to an attending radiologist for analysis or diagnosis. In the obstetrics field, the patient is allowed to see the baby as the ultrasound procedure is taking place. With the advancements of 3D and 4D technology, the baby can be seen from all sides. It can then be filmed or photographed and it is usually a very exciting time for the new parents.

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